In this episode, I talk to the GEOFF ROWE, the founder of the Leicester Comedy Festival.

Rowe, and a group of student friends, set up the annual event in 1994, when they were studying Arts Management at Leicester’s De Montfort University. Every February since, the comedy festival has played host to a wealth of comedy performances attracting visitors from all over the country. In 2023, after celebrating the 30th anniversary, Rowe stepped down, having created an extraordinary legacy. The event plans to continue in 2024 (from 7th to 25th February) and will carry on Rowe’s legacy. In 2023, Rowe was presented with the Outstanding Legend Award at the Leicester Comedy Festival Awards. Over the years, the 19-day festival has grown to become one of the longest-running independent festivals in the UK.

I have been going to the Leicester Comedy Festival every year since 2020 and have seen amazing comedians including Arthur Smith, Alexander Bennett, Flo & Joan, Sara Barron, Steve Bujega, Jarred Christmas, Marcus Brigstocke, Lloyd Griffith, Scott Bennett, Gary Jennision, Jed Salisbury, Vix Leyton, Rich Wilson, Garrett Millerick, Masai Graham, Kirsty Munro, Fred Ferenczi, Rob Rouse, Ian Stone, Darren Walsh, Sikisa, Josh Pugh, Lou Conran, Daniel Petrie, Aideen McQueen, Kevin O’Brien, Eddie Mullarkey, Eric Rushton, Jurgen Strack, Friz Frizzle, Edi Johnson, Steve Royle, Alisdair Beckett-King and Michelle Shaugnessy.

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Please read Geoff Rowe’s blog at:
Geoff Rowe’s Links:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/geoff.rowe.37
Twitter: www.twitter.com/geoff_rowe
Instagram: www.instagram.com/geoff_rowebem/
Websites: www.comedy-festival.co.uk


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