Viggo Venn: Club Comedian: Brighton Fringe 2023 – Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton, 2023

The extraordinary act from Norway, Viggo Venn performed his solo show, Club Comedian at the Brighton Fringe in May 2023.  The premise was that Venn is a clown who wants to be a stand-up comedian and the amazing thing about watching this show was that all the comedy for the first half hour was visual and not vocal.  From an entrance using a elongated hand to try and turn off his on stage PC (getting my friend on the front row to  get up and try to help) to taking off one of many layers of his Hi-Vis jacket and T Shirt to wildly dancing to audience participation involving placing a large number of hats on my head and asking me to erotically take each one off in front of the audience, this was one of the most original, unique and completely hilarious shows I have ever seen.  Especially as we had not planned to see the show, and sitting on the front row because there was nowhere else to sit in the packed Saturday night crowd, once they got the joke, at the end of his exhaustive hour, the comedian was loved by the ecstatic crowd. This is what the Fringe is all about and Venn is highly recommended.

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