Louisa Omelian: Politics for Bitches: Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, 2018
Luisa Omielan: Ten: Soho Theatre, London, 2022
Saturday Night Comedy: Glee Club, Oxford, 2022 

I saw Luisa Omielan’s show Politics for Bitches at the Gilded Balloon as part of the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2018.  Omielan was a very sassy, outspoken performer and before we even sat down she was on stage dancing with her cute dog Bernie who remained with her for the entire hour.  The show was centred on the unfunny subjects of political statistics, unfairness, and the awful, recent, tragic death of her mother (a reason it transpired why she got the dog).  Omielan manages to find jokes in the most implausible situations and the topics are discussed at length using her trademark crass language.  In moments that seem so impossibly distant from comedy – she ended up in tears at one point hammering home the injustice of what happened to her mother – I could relate to what she was feeling as I had lost a family member in similar circumstances.  I came away feeling very sorry for what this talented comedian had been through and wish her well.

Ten years after her first show, What Would Beyonce Do?! I watched Omielan perform her new show Ten, at the Soho Theatre, London in September 2022, which incorporated the best bits of every show since.  Including jokes and routines from her previous shows, Am I Right Ladies, Politics for Bitches and God Is A Woman, Ten was a truly inspired show that is heart-warming, honest, uplifting and exceptionally funny.

Omelian, complete with her dog, appeared on stage for Saturday Night Comedy at the Glee Club in Oxford in November 2022.  Letting the dog roam the room, she was perched on a stool hilariously ranting about her irritations.

Omelian is a wonderfully funny and intelligent comedian.






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