Zoe Lyons: Entry Level Human: Gilded Balloon at the Museum, Edinburgh, 2018
MY Comedy Chats: Online: 2021

I watched Zoe Lyons perform her new show Entry Level Human at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2018.  It is an examination of the preconceptions and conducts of human beings in all their comatose and self-centred state.  It is a brilliantly funny hour based on familiarity and observations that the audience can easily relate to.  Routines featuring annoying flies buzzing around trying to escape Lyons’ sharp eye, a fantastically humorous description of a near-death scuba-diving experience and types of humans the audience love to hate, all give Lyons’ ammunition for what the audience really love to hate.  Lyons’ comedy is unbroken, clever and easy to understand. On numerous occasions during her set, she was found to be laughing at herself which gave the audience signals that the comedy doesn’t appear planned and it is the sign of a very funny, great comedian.

In January 2021, Lyons was a guest for MY Comedy Chats hosted by Maureen Younger.  Lyons talked about coping in lockdown as well as aspects of her career and she was extremely engaging to listen to.

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