Terry Alderton: The Musical: Assembly George Square Studios, Edinburgh, 2018

Along with two friends, I went to see Terry Alderton’s new show at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2018. Upon arriving in a hurry we were ushered to the front row of Alderton’s show. I had been doing this with no qualms at the other shows but was more reluctant in this case as I was aware of Alderton’s zany style of comedy.  I warned my friend (who it is fair to say is quite shy) that he may be picked on by Alderton and indeed he was.  Alderton made him do something out of the ordinary, that after some hesitation he eventually did, which brought the house down and made for a great start to the show.  I had seen Alderton’s manic comic energy in many shows at the Fringe and in 2018’s offering he decided to deliver his version of a musical. The stage started empty except for a mannequin with the head of a poodle and this gave an indication of the madness this most unprompted and extreme comedian was about to unleash.  The Musical resulted in another assault of fast-paced, often destructive lunacy.  After the show we met Alderton who was calm and charm itself, praising my friend’s efforts in taking part in the show.  Alderton’s stage presence of extreme insanity is very infectious and intensely funny.


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