Bearcat Comedy at The Viaduct: The Viaduct pub, Hanwell, London, 2018

One of the best things about watching comedy (having seen a lot) is not knowing for whatever reason who the act is and being pleasantly surprised about how good they are.  Ignorantly, I had never heard of Stefano Paolini and was therefore delighted to watch his fifteen-minute routine of comedy and impersonations at Bearcat Comedy in October 2018.   Being a second-generation Italian immigrant, Paolini’s comedy features differences between his parent’s culture and his own.  His accents and impersonations (particularly of John Motson and Al Pacino) were inspired and he even finished his set with beat-boxing. The act was an inspiration loved by the audience.  Paolini is a real comic find and on the strength of this performance, he deserves to be seen and enjoyed by as many people as possible.


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