Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2017
Bearcat Comedy at The Viaduct: The Viaduct pub, Hanwell, London, 2018
Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2019
Headliners Comedy Mayfest: George IV pub, Chiswick, London, 2021 

I first came across Jeff Innocent when he headlined Always Be Comedy in 2017.  Voted Best Club Comedian of the Year in 2016, as he says in his act, his East End Cockney appearance makes him look like he has just wandered onto the stage from the audience, but the extremely funny man has been at the top of the comedy circuit for years and delivered effortless audience banter and relentlessly funny stories about growing up in London and family life with ease.  Innocent’s original, unique and razor-sharp wit is amazing, he is faultless and fearless at making people laugh and is a master at his craft.

Innocent headlined Bearcat Comedy at The Viaduct when I went along to the monthly showcase in October 2018 and again at Always Be Comedy in February 2019.  Now in his sixties, Innocent has a very funny face for comedy and his stage appearance resembled a Cockney old boy straight out of a British gangster film – immediately making the audience laugh before he even said anything.

The natural stand-up showed the audience his metal after having played the clubs for years.  He delivered his extremely funny jokes with confidence and style completely taking control of the room.  The cockney comedian’s cultural comment the UK’s North / South divide, age and race went down a storm.

Innocent returned to live comedy in May 2021 for Headliners Comedy Mayfest.  Delivering ten minutes, he absolutely stormed the room with a barrage of stories about stereotypical characters and his life in lockdown. Having met him, Innocent came across as a very warm, sincere, funny man who had seen it all, as well as a truly great comedian.  Innocent comes highly recommended.

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