‘Philfy’ Phil and Friend(s): Inn of Court, Holborn, London, 2019

‘Philfy’ Phil is Phil Alexander whose show I went to see in March 2019. I did not know what to expect from the act as I was there supporting my mate Peter Purvis aka Fred Ferenczi who was supporting Phil.  As Phil is a bald man with an extraordinary beard and is also a musician with a guitar.  Hat the audience got was well known songs with light and amusing lyrics to complete and utter filth.   The specialist audience included his family and friends and the songs featured many styles and subjects selected from a menu.  The menus were handed out to the audience so they could pick the songs they wanted Phil to play including such titles as ‘Error 40’, ‘Living Dead’ and ‘Ugly Overnight’ amongst many others.  This cult comedy act was a big hit with the encouraging pub audience.

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