Headliners Comedy Club: George IV pub, Chiswick, London, 2019

I have been a massive fan of Boothby Graffoe’s since I first saw him perform at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2005.  I have all his CDs which are highly recommended, and I personally love his style of surreal humour and offbeat comedy.  It was therefore a delight to see him back on stage at Headliners Comedy Club in May 2019.  Effortlessly at ease with an audience who took to him immediately.  He reached for his guitar, put the strap over his head and then threw his legs and put the guitar back on its stand.   When eventually he did play, he created wonderful music with extremely daft but clever lyrics and then for example, running with a sketch involving him talking as though he was a cat until he ran out of ideas was absurd and brilliant.  The audience reaction to his routine was brilliant.  Graffoe is a supreme entertainer who is a wonderful comedian and it is great to have him back on stage. 

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