Headliners Comedy Club 13th Birthday: Headliners Comedy Club, Chiswick, London, 2015
99 Club Comedy: Ruby Blue, Leicester Square, London, 2018
Headliners Comedy Club: George IV pub, Chiswick, London, 2019 

I saw Mike Gunn compere at the Headliners Comedy Club 13th Birthday in 2015.  Gunn was an engrossing comedian who had brilliant put-downs for any drunken hecklers that dared to interrupt his hilarious jokes and routines.

I saw him again as one of the headline acts that I saw at 99 Club Comedy in March 2018.  Gunn is a very funny and flippant comedian delivered sometimes bleak stand-up comedy.  His audience interaction was classic skilfully dealing with two loud women in the front row who after attempting to argue with him and failing eventually got up and left. With regards to his routine, I started quietly laughing at first and then more loudly until his jokes were relentless and I was craving the next one-liner, wondering where the hit will come from. I was hooked by his exceptional delivery and he made me laugh a lot.

I saw him again when he topped the top the bill at Headliners Comedy Club in May 2019.  Again, he slowly built the comedy targeting the audience with superb put downs with a very dry style of delivery which worked a treat.   Gunn is a joy to watch with years of experience and was a big hit with the audience who were constantly cheering and applauding his deadpan wit and brilliance.  Gunn is a consistently laugh out loud funny comedian.


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