Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2018
Big Funny Fest: The Old Deer Park, Richmond, 2019

Angelos Epithemiou (gloriously played by character actor Dan Renton Skinner) made a guest appearance at Always Be Comedy in May 2018. The shambling, anorak-wearing persona appeared to take over the room with withering yet very funny outlooks on a hopeless life. The audience seemed to warm to him and trying to impress, he elicited laughs by creeping around in a silver body suit which like his whole act was endearingly ridiculous.

I saw Epithemiou again in June 2019 where he was the first act of the day at the inaugural Big Funny Festival at The Old Deer Park in Richmond. I went for the day on my own and I sat in the front row of a purpose-built Big Top. Epithemiou swaggered onto the stage looking lost with his little carrier bag and then jumped down from the stage to shake the hands of the front row. When he came to me, he announced ‘We’ve met before!’ which got a big laugh and then moved on. His act built and got funnier as he went along creating bizarre comedy to an encouraging audience.

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