Always Be Comedy (2 shows): The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2017
Matt Richardson: Slash! Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, 2017
Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2018
Just the Tonic Saturday Night Comedy: Stables Market, Camden, London, 2019
Matt Richardson: Imposter: Just The Tonic at The Tron, Edinburgh, 2019
The Rat Pack Stand Up Comedy at The Camden Comedy Club: Camden Head pub, Islington, London, 2021
The Comedy Cellar: South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, 2021
Sofa So Funny! (2 shows) Upstairs at The Flying Horse, Wilson Street, London, 2022

I saw Matt Richardson play Always Be Comedy twice in 2017.  Both times, he was a brash, confident, and very funny performer.  His laddish persona delivered great story telling before an acerbic, often very rude punchline.

In his solo show Slash! which I saw at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017, Richardson had an impressive variety of hilarious jokes and puns consistently throughout the show. As I watched him, it was clearly evident that he was having as much fun on stage as everyone else in the room. He can be entertaining both on and off script.  Slash really showcased Richardson leaving the audience with bellyaches of laughter.

Richardson triumphantly returned to Always Be Comedy in April 2018 to headline the show.  The small room allowed the comedian to engage and interact with the audience with ease.  Halfway through his energetic set, he looked and grinned at me uproariously laughing at him from my front row seat and said, ‘Why are you laughing? You have seen all this before!’ which made me chuckle more.

In January 2019, the comedian compered Just The Tonic Saturday Night Comedy in London.  The extremely confident performer delivered highly entertaining stories about things in every-day life that annoy him before introducing the acts.

In August 2019, I saw Richardson perform his solo show Imposter at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Feeling like an imposter by recalling his television and show-business experiences and being an adult in general, the show was a brilliant hour of unrestrained and raucous continual laughter and it was a pleasure to meet the funny man after the gig.

In June 2021, I went to the Camden Comedy Club to see Richardson deliver a live set for the first time in fifteen months.  After such a difficult time during lockdown, I was a delight to be back watching such a consistently funny comedian.  What was so impressive was his delivery, the confidence on stage and the quality and sharpness of the material.  Stories about living with his girlfriend were extremely amusing and relatable.

Born to be a comedian, he compered at The Comedy Cellar which was celebrating its 35th birthday when I went along to the South Hill Park Arts Centre where it is based in Bracknell in October 2021.  The comedian once again made weep with laughter as he delivered the routines including a highlight of spending a drunken night with his girlfriend and his delivery was razor sharp thoroughly entertaining the audience.

Richardson appeared twice on the bill at the Sofa SoFunny! showcase that I watched in August and September 2022.  It was so great to see him perform a twenty-minute set in an intimate room, and he always makes me laugh out loud.  Even if I had heard the routines before, I am still laughing at his wonderful delivery.  It’s the sign of a great comedian and he is one of the best.

One of my favourite comedians who is highly recommended, Richardson has an extremely likeable and quick-witted stage presence who whenever his name appears on a bill, I know I am going to have a great time.  He has made me convulse with laughter so many times at his performances and he deserves every success.


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