Nick Helm’s Xmas F*ck Fest 3: Pleasance Theatre, Islington, London, 2017
Nick Helm’s Xmas F*ck Fest 4: Pleasance Theatre, Islington, London, 2018
Nick Helm’s Xmas F*ck Fest 5: Pleasance Theatre, Islington, London, 2019 

Lucy Pearman is a sketch comedian with a bonkers line in storytelling.  With a snippet taken from her 2017 debut Fringe show Maid of Cabbage, Lucy Pearman appeared on stage at Nick Helm’s Christmas Charity show dressed as an Edwardian maid armed with a cabbage.  It transpires that she is trapped in a dysfunctional household and devilish streak ruin everything or will the cabbage save her?  Pearman was an extremely talented comic performer who was very understated and very funny.

In December 2018, Pearman performed on stage at Nick Helm’s Christmas show dressed as a bunch of grapes which is part of her 2018 Fringe show Fruit Loop.  The show told the absurd story of a worm who wants to learn to fly and Pearman is so endearing with an audience that they cannot help but smile.  The audience participation is inspired – during the sketch she kept looking at me saying and holding up a sign ‘Please stop looking at me!’ which of course I couldn’t do.

Pearman again appeared at the Christmas show in December 2019.  This time she appeared engulfed in a giant case speaking through the zip.  The routine also included a member of the audience have makeup applied very badly to his face from Pearman.  One to watch, hysterically funny and brimming with ideas, the routine was ridiculous, inane yet rewarding, charming to behold and superbly funny.



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