Live @ Limehouse 3: The Star of The East pub, London, 2019
Musical Comedy Awards: Heat 4: The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, London, 2020
Live at Piccadilly: The Glasshouse, Soho, London, 2020
Vix Leyton’s Comedy Roulette: Online: 2020 

Armed with ukulele, comedian Jen Smith entertained the crowd when I attended Live at Limehouse 3 in October 2019.  Her energetic personality shone through, as she delivered witty songs and stories about her native Welsh roots.  Interrupted by late comers, she preserved and provided lots of laughs.

Smith performed in a Heat at the Musical Comedy Awards that I saw in February 2020 and again for Live at Piccadilly in February 2020.  Her comic style reminded me of a Welsh version of the great Victoria Wood and her song about her love for the comedian Greg Davies was absolutely inspired and exceptionally funny.

Smith appeared for Vix Leyton’s Comedy Roulette online in June 2020.  The show which features a revolving machine that generates balls with topics for comedians to discuss has Smith talking about meeting famous people.  Her stories about meeting Dick n’ Dom and Judo expert / TV ‘Superstar’ Brian Jacks were inspired and very funny, like the comedian herself.

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