Birdies Comedy: The Savoy Tap, The Strand, London, 2017
Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2017
#SaveLiveComedy: (Show 2): The Clapham Grand, London: Online: 2020 

I saw Helen Bauer perform a five-minute spot at Birdies Comedy and then later in the year do a twenty-minute spot at Always Be Comedy both in 2017.  Bauer was bright, clever and witty at both gigs and had some great stories to relate to the audiences.

Bauer appeared at the second #SaveLiveComedy live show from the Clapham Grand that I saw in August 2020.  She was lively, charming and easily interacted with the socially distanced audience describing in detail a tirade of filthy and funny stories.

I hope that my blog reflects my love and respect of live stand up-comedy as its future appears to be extremely fragile because of the worldwide pandemic of 2020. It would be an extremely sad day to see the genre completely disappear. Stand-up comedy is one of the most positive things in life and it gives confidence and joy to those taking part and watching.



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