After Hours Comedy: Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, 2007
Dan Atkinson: The Credit Crunch and Other Biscuits: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2008
BBC Comedy Presents: Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, 2010
Magners Greenwich Comedy Festival 2015: Greenwich Park, London, 2015 

I have seen Yorkshire comedian Dan Atkinson on four occasions, three of them performing guest spots at comedy showcases and the other a full solo show.

Dan Atkinson has the sort of powerful, shambolic, lively friendliness that works well on stage.  As he lolloped around with fire in his eyes and passion in his voice, he made for an engaging presence.  In the solo show that I saw in 2008 entitled The Credit Crunch and Other Biscuits, there were some good jokes and very enjoyable anecdotes as well as building easy rapport with an encouraging audience.

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