Mick Miller and Jimmy Cricket: Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, 2012

A comedy stalwart, Jimmy Cricket appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012 alongside fellow comedy star Mick Miller who both performed half-hour sets for one night only.  Wearing his trademark outfit – the dress suit, the carnation, the wrong-footed wellies, single glove and floppy cap – Irishman Cricket walked on to the stage to a thunderous appreciative applause from the excited crowd. 

Cricket’s corny jokes are timeless and as old as the stars but were delivered with such warmth and eagerness that after even after telling them for so many years the audience still laughed in recognition.  The famous catchphrases were all present and correct: ‘Come here’, ‘And there’s more’, of course, littered the set. He is also a master of physical nonsense and kept using props from an old trunk to put on novelty headgear to set the scene for the next gag. Within the trunk also lurks his ventriloquist doll, ready for more silliness. The material’s not always the greatest, but the way he sells it is absolutely charming and endearing.


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