Dead Ringers (TV Recording): BBC TV Centre, London, 2003
Phil Cornwell is Switzerland McNaughtiehorse (and Others): Fringe @ Le Monde, Edinburgh, 2010

Phil Cornwell is an English comedian, actor, impressionist and writer.   He is well known in the UK as being part of the Dead Ringers television and radio series. Indeed, he was in the cast alongside Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Mark Perry and Kevin Connolly when I attended a TV recording in 2004.  The impersonations of politicians, sports stars and celebrities (including Cornwell’s classic football commentator John Motson) were brilliantly funny and tight written.

In 2010, Cornwell brought his one-man show Switzerland McNaughtiehorse and Others to the Edinburgh Fringe.  The show relied entirely from a laugh of recognition for the voice and nothing more.  At the show I attended, the audience was small and Cornwell became frustrated because of the lack of laughter. He was greatly let down by the writing that was not funny enough to carry the superb impressions.

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