The Top Secret Comedy Club: Covent Garden, London, 2020

Having never been, I had always wanted to go to The Top Secret Comedy Club in Covent Garden in London.  The club had played host to several comedians over the years and had built up a good reputation on the comedy scene.  One evening in October, I went along with my friend, to a new material night.  As we entered the club and went to our seats at the back of the room following the strict Covid social distanced guidance, the room had Perspex covering between the rows of seats to protect the crowd.  This set-up could well be the future of live comedy, and it worked well until I got up at the interval to move.  Because I was tall, I was a bit clumsy as I went to the bar or the loo which was downstairs.  As I ventured downstairs, I discovered another room which was simultaneously showing the same comedy show about ten minutes later with the same comedians but a different audience.  I thought this was an inspired idea.

When the show started, a very jovial compere appeared on stage.  Nico Yearwood had wonderfully funny stories about his native Barbados and his subsequent life in London.  He had an extremely likeable, laid-back-on stage persona with a very infectious laugh.  The crowd appeared to love his warmth and charm as he easily chatted to them making them feel part of the show.

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