Fascinating Aida: Cheap Flights: Wonderground, Southbank, London, 2012
Fascinating Aida: Charm Offensive: Udderbelly, Bristo Square, Edinburgh, 2014
Fascinating Aida: Assembly George Square, Edinburgh, 2022

Dillie Keane is the founder member and one third of the cabaret comedy trio Fascinating Aida since its inception in 1983.  I saw the act perform in 2012 in London, 2014 and 2022 in Edinburgh with the current line-up of Keane, Adele Anderson, and Liza Pulman.  Keane is a brilliant and intelligent comic song writer and performer, with a voice that varies from subtle and sweet to croaky and vulgar. Her range of facial expressions is also extraordinary and switched from innocent and perplexed to thunderous in seconds.  Keane oozed elegance and class on stage as all three women delivered satire, mirth and hilarious musical comedy producing three very enjoyable shows.

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