BBC Stand Up Show Live: Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, 2007
After Hours Comedy: Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, 2007
Tom Wrigglesworth: I’m Struggling To See How That Is Helping: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2008
After Hours Comedy: Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, 2008
Tom Wrigglesworth’s Open Letter To Richard Branson: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2009
Tom Wrigglesworth’s Nightmare Dream Wedding: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2010
Boatshow Comedy: Tattershall Castle, London, 2015
Krater Club: Komedia, Brighton, 2017 

Comedian Tom Wrigglesworth was born and raised in Sheffield.  I have seen the Edinburgh Festival Fringe favourite perform solo shows over many years.  He is a master at constructing a show from a brilliant comedy idea.  In his debut in 2008. He dealt largely with technology and rail journeys.   The railway theme was expanded in 2009 with his Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated show is about being proud and making a stand. Having witnessed a Virgin train manager abuse his position, Wrigglesworth writes to Richard Branson a letter about how acts of kindness triumph over evil.   2010’s solo show focused on his nightmare dream wedding.  Wrigglesworth is a brilliant storyteller that really makes the audience sit up and listen.

The comedian is also excellent at bantering with the crowd.  This was evident when I attended the Boatshow Comedy night in London in 2015 that he was compering where he noticed me laughing and asked where I was from?  I replied Carlisle and he said off the top of his head ‘That’s a hell of a commute for a comedy show!’  Wriggleworth is a very enjoyable, intelligent and funny man who is always a delight to see on a bill.




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