Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival: The Electric Palace, Hastings, 2022
Jeddy Bear & Gary’s Fiesta of Fun: Leicester Comedy Festival 2023 – The Big Difference, Leicester, 2023
Hastings Comedy Festival 2023: Jeddybear & Gary’s Fiesta of Fun: OWENS, Hastings, 2023
The Late One at The Nest: The Nest, Hastings, 2023

Comedian Jed Salisbury stood in for another act that was unable to make the Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival at the last moment.  Together with Gary Jennison, the two Hull comedians really entertained the crowd.  Salisbury performed snippets from his show Millennial Falcon describing the rise of social media with many relatable laughs from the crowd.

Nominated for Best Kids Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival & UK Kids’ Comedy Festival in 2021, Hull’s comedy duo Salisbury (‘Jeddybear’) & Gary Jennison performed a new children’s show, Fiesta of Fun at the Leicester Comedy Festival that I watched in February 2023.  Full of comedy, mischief, fun, games, music, dancing and custard pies, this show was wonderfully constructed from two great comedians.

Salisbury was wonderful again in Jeddybear & Gary’s Fiesta of Fun for the Hastings Comedy Festival 2023 and then performed a twenty-minute set for Late Night at The Nest in the same day.  A naturally funny storyteller, his material was well structured and extremely funny.



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