Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival: The Electric Palace, Hastings, 2022
Jeddybear & Gary’s Fiesta of Fun: Leicester Comedy Festival 2023 – The Big Difference, Leicester, 2023 

Hull Comedians Gary Jennison and Jed Salisbury saved the day when another act was unable to perform at the Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival.  The magic of any Fringe festival is discovering a new talent.  When the comedian asked if everyone was okay and had anything to say, I shouted out that I had been eating two packets of crisps for the last thirty years and wondered why I had diabetes.  To take a sentence based on my love of crisps, run with it and produce the funniest twenty-minute ad-lib all year was a joy to behold.  As I watched Jennison develop the comedy routine, it got funnier and funnier. and I could not stop laughing and made me want to see Jennison perform an hour comedy set.

Nominated for Best Kids Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival & UK Kids’ Comedy Festival in 2021, Hull’s comedy duo Jennison & Jed Salisbury (‘Jeddy Bear’) performed a new children’s show Fiesta of Fun at the Leicester Comedy Festival that I watched in February 2023.  Full of comedy, mischief, fun, games, music, dancing and custard pies, this show was wonderfully constructed from two great comedians.


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