For the 100th episode, I talk to a special guest, the brilliant comedian, JACK DOCHERTY.

Docherty is a Scottish comedian, actor, and writer.  He first performed at the 1980 Edinburgh Fringe with the comedy sketch group The Bodgers (with Moray Hunter, Gordon Kennedy and Peter Baikie).  Docherty and Hunter became staff writers for the BBC radio comedy contributing to shows such as Radio Active, Week Ending and The News Huddlines. They were teamed with Norwenna Banks and John Sparkes and went onto make four series of the successful sketch show, Absolutely, for Channel 4 between 1989 and 1992. Also in the eighties, his writing skills helped make Spitting Image, Alas Smith & Jones, Vic Reeves Big Night Out, and The Lenny Henry Show, all major hits.  In 1997 (until 1999), he was part of the launch of Channel 5, becoming Britain’s first five nights a week chat show host on The Jack Docherty Show.  From 2014, he has memorably starred as Chief Miekelson in BBC Scotland’s Scot Squad, winning awards for the part, and then wrote and starred in radio and television versions of Stop Start In 2018 he returned to the Edinburgh Fringe with new solo shows in 2018 and 2022, and has a new show, David Bowie and Me: Parallel Lives in 2023.

I have many happy memories of sitting in the audience at recordings of The Jack Docherty Show at The Whitehall Theatre in London (now Trafalgar Theatre) from 1997 to 1999.  I have also seen Docherty perform for Stop Start at the BBC Radio Theatre in 2015, and his solo shows Miekelson and McGlashan: Serious Men at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 and Nothing But, at the Soho Theatre, London in 2022.

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