In this episode, I talk to the brilliant comedian and photographer, STEVE BEST.

As a comedian, Best has a very immature and zany presence on stage elevating his comedy to laugh-out-loud status.  He is a man of many talents and has an exceptional form of slapstick humour.

As a photographer, Best has unprecedented access to the comedy world, regularly seen at comedy gigs taking photographs of the comics backstage and capturing the real essence of what it is like to be a stand-up comedian.  His wonderful, published books, to date, are Comedy Snapshot (2014), Joker Face (2017) and Comedians (2022).  The sequel Comedians 2 is due for publication in September 2023.  All are available from his website below.

I have watched Best perform at the Putney Comedy Tree in London in 2009, as well as attending the exhibitions Steve Best: Clicking Comedians (2018), Steve Best: Comedians Back To Front (2019) and was an invited guest for the launch of his book Comedians (2022), all at the Observatory Photographic Gallery in London.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/SteveBestComic/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/SteveBestComic/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/stevebestpics/

Website: www.stevebest.com


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