Jerry Sadowitz: Adults Only: Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, 2012
Jerry Sadowitz: Comedian. Magician, Psychopath! Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, 2017 

Jerry Sadowitz is a Scottish comedian and magician who is extremely offensive against anyone and anything on stage.  He is unafraid to say what he wants on any stage and is frequently known to clear rooms during his act because he is so offensive.  He is also exceptionally funny, and I have seen him twice perform his solo show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Appearing in a top hat sitting on top of a mass of wild curly hair with angry, scary eyes, Sadowitz lambasts his point of view to the shocked audience who laugh loudly at his vitriol targets.  He makes fellow offensive comedians Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr seem tame and returns year after year to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.



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